Frequently Asked Questions

No – Any organisation with an innovative solution is welcome to submit their ideas. If you aren’t an Austmine Member and would like further information, please reach out to our membership team and they will be in touch promptly or visit our website here – Membership at Austmine

Simply register an account with mineinnovate and you will be added to our communications database. New opportunities will be launched through direct communications to registered parties.

Austmine is in constant conversations with mining industry and METS organisations across Australia and globally to identify innovation requirements. As soon as a new opportunity becomes available it will be posted on the mineinnovate website and registered vendors will receive early notifications.

Mining industry and METS organisations are encouraged to use mineinnovate as a platform to connect and collaborate with industry in order to solve their operational and strategic needs.  Austmine then works with the Partner of the Opportunity to ensure it is a good fit for market.

Yes you can. Simply contact Austmine and we will be in touch to discuss the issue and provide a scoping document. We also encourage industry to work together on critical Big Issues impacting the entire resources sector. If you have a vision or passion to see something change across the entire industry, visit the Big Issues page, and get involved. Your input is invaluable.

Yes. Austmine has several international opportunities available for the Australian METS sector with more in the pipeline.

Once you are registered, simply Log in to submit a solution to a current open opportunity. Each submission requires the supplier to complete responses to a range of questions including uploading submission documentation. 

Partnerships are encouraged, as suppliers often have different capabilities and working together can sometimes result in a stronger submission.

Austmine can help you identify partners with the skills and experience that you are looking for. Contact Austmine to receive help in identifying potential partners and gaps in your offering.

All solution submissions are treated as confidential and will only be reviewed by Austmine and the opportunity partner. Certain opportunities will come with their own set of IP frameworks depending on the complexity of the issue being solved.

Feedback will be provided during the different stages of the process.

Yes, please see our Past Achievements page for more information.

Yes – we want the industry and world to know about the solutions and innovations coming out of the Australian METS sector.  Outcomes will be posted on our Innovation Ecosystem page and promoted through Austmine's newsletters, website and social media platforms.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or enquiries that have not been answered here.