How it Works

Unlocking innovation by connecting you with the right partner


Open to all organisations operating within the mining industry, mineinnovate can provide improvement opportunities; resolve current and critical business issues, and even present new and innovative solutions across areas you may not have even considered.

Defining the issue

  • Mining industry organisation (Partner) identifies an operational issue or future priority that can be presented as an Opportunity to find a solution.
  • Partner & Austmine meet to determine the scope of the Opportunity. 
  • A proposal document will be generated by Austmine, confirming the approach, timeframe, commercials and terms & conditions, and then sent through for review.
  • Upon commencement of the project the Partner will complete a questionnaire document to elaborate on the issue that needs solving. 
    • Austmine will assess the questionnaire document and draft an Opportunity scope for eventual publication on mineinnovate. Austmine will liaise with Partner throughout this process to clarify all requirements.
    • Partner to review the Opportunity scope and provide final approval.
    • Austmine will then publish the Opportunity on the mineinnovate platform.

Post-market release

Following the publishing of the Opportunity on mineinnovate, the open-innovation process is commenced. The open-innovation process consists of three phases: 

Companies are invited to submit a potential solution for the Opportunity through the mineinnovate vendor portal before the submission deadline.

Austmine conducts a comprehensive communications campaign and market scouting to ensure that potential solution providers are aware of the Opportunity.

Following the submission deadline, Partner and Austmine will review the submissions and shortlist vendors to move to Phase 2 of the process.

The shortlisted vendors are invited to attend an online technical workshop with the Partner and Austmine. This workshop focuses on sharing further technical information about the issue that needs resolving, so that shortlisted vendors can refine their suggested solution and approach.

Austmine then coordinates an online solution pitching event where shortlisted vendors present their refined solution to the Partner panel and participate in Q&A.

A final shortlisting of vendors takes place before moving to Phase 3.

Partner and Austmine finalise proposal documents that are sent to shortlisted vendors to complete. The proposal documents require comprehensive information about the technical specifications of the solution, implementation approach, project timeframes, economic analysis and potential risks or challenges.

Partner reviews the final proposals and selects a solution (or solutions) as the winner of the Opportunity. The winning vendor directly engages with the Partner to progress to a pilot project or a contract award.

Success stories will be published on mineinnovate following successful implementation of the solution.